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Physicists considered the case of a black body a body which absorbs all electromagnetic radiation that falls on it. When it is heated, a black body radiates energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. These waves have a broad range of wavelengths such as visible, ultraviolet and infrared light.

Efficient Markets Hypothesis: History

Tami Swearingen is the Senior Vice President, Nursing and Patient Services, Nurse Executive at the Kennedy Krieger Institute. She is also an adjunct faculty member at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.

Department of Psychology

After his year in Berlin, Planck returned to Munich in late 6878 where he passed his state exam allowing him to teach physics in high schools.

Graduate Faculty < Mississippi State University

More salient for me was the issue of how to address a counter-cultural paradigm at all. There are compelling reasons, I believe, to offer an alternative research paradigm for some purposes. Action research provides such a paradigm, and offers practical benefits to practitioners. (It is clear enough, as I explain in the body of this paper, that most practitioners don 696 t do much formal research. The most likely reason is that they don 696 t find the research methods they have been taught to be easily integrated into their practice.) But action research is counter-cultural. How was I to provide enough information for people doing action research theses without raising the defensiveness of some of my colleagues?

Fig. 8

Action research often starts with a fuzzy question and methodology but provided each cycle adds to the clarity, this is appropriate

Dr. SakkuBai Naidu is a research scientist in the Department of Neurogenetics at the Kennedy Krieger Institute. She is also a Professor in the Departments of Neurology and Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

By the way, I do not think you should accept anyone else 696 s arguments uncritically. Satisfy yourself that the argument is well made. Better still, suggest some improvements.

Somewhere, perhaps again in the chapters on contribution, discuss the wider implications of your findings. Most examiners value generalisation highly. Action research sacrifices generalisation (which is global relevance) to local relevance. It cannot otherwise be sufficiently responsive. Apart from methodological findings, which probably do generalise well, treat any generalisation with extreme caution. But, to the extent that you can, it is worth defining the generalised implications.

Most of the remaining thesis can be organised around the major findings which your study has made. You might give the most important of these a chapter each. Subsidiary findings might then be grouped together in a further chapter. To decide what to include, you might ask yourself: what is the contribution to knowledge of this thesis? What is now understood that was less well understood before?

Almost all writers appear to regard it as cyclic (or a spiral), either explicitly or implicitly. At the very least, intention or planning precedes action, and critique or review follows. Figure 6 applies.

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