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Date: 2017-04-13 02:02

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Glen A. Larson creator of "Knight Rider" passes away
Today is an incredibly sad day for Knight Rider fans all around the world,..


battle versus good and evil is more real than anyone may imagine and
stretches from the beginning of time to the end of time. Only the
elements differ as far as what people believe the good and evil is
The evil that 8767 s coming none of you are truly prepared for and there will
be NO place to hide The God I believe will tolerate no soul that
stands by and does nothing

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Personally I think those that attach to this idea of alien visitation or in this case constant alien monitoring and surveillance is a plea for relevance. The idea that we would even be worth looking at to such a advanced species. So much that people who believe things like this article will twist things into making that so. Like the idea of them using radio waves instead of a more reasonable solution to intergalactic commutation.

NOT take the chance with your current existence! Wouldn 8767 t it be a pity
if you continued to sit back and do nothing but continue believing in a
false belief and when the times comes, you die only to find out at the
moment of death you really aren 8767 t and never will be? Then all that
could of been in this existence will never of had the chance to be and
everything you have done until now has all been in vain

we should be able to listen to outer space from a high altitude satellite and that would make Black Night non problematic

alright, I won 8767 t spread disinfo for any longer.
this is an observation satellite that belongs to the new lunar republic, and belongs to the Kingdom of Equestria. visual terrain recognition and signal intelligence, at the service of the Alicorns in Canterlot, observing us for over a century, the same way we have the equivalent of Hubble pointed on their world.

How did they link the radio signal to the visual object? Just because both had the same name doesn 8767 t mean they are one and the same. The two may be different things. In that case the mystery is not that exciting.

No but really the entire claim is trash and there is no way around it. whoever originally made this up clearly didn 8767 t even have a basic idea of how radio signals work.

We have placed our own satallites in orbit around other planets so why is it so hard to believe that another species hasnt put one in orbit around ours?

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