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Environmental Factors Affecting Health - Athena Global

Date: 2017-04-13 01:54

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Avoid discrimination against colleagues or students on the basis of sex, race, ethnicity, or other factors not related to scientific competence and integrity.

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

Methodical analysis of the rapid dietary transition now seen in lower-income countries in the global South shows that far and away the most powerful driver is the unchecked strategy of transnational food and drink manufacturers and caterers to displace long-established dietary patterns based on freshly prepared meals with their ultra-processed, ready-to-consume food and drink products. Such vast and deep penetration is not apparent now in most countries of the global North because their food supplies are already saturated with these products 595 8 596 .


When Alabama drew auto jobs south, it also got low wages and lots of injuries. We’ll look at the message for American manufacturing. On Point , NPR .

UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health

Across the world, human diets are changing as incomes grow, with potential impacts for the environment as well as public health. David Tilman and Michael Clark have quantified the effects of dietary x77 westernization x77 and for many aspects of diet, they find a tight link between health and environmental consequences. Unchecked, current dietary trends would materially increase global greenhouse gas emissions and increase the incidence of type II diabetes, obesity and coronary heart disease by 7555. What can be done about it? Informed choices by individuals would help, but to little overall effect without major policy changes in the environmental and agricultural sectors.

Komodo dragon blood contains an important compound which scientists think could offer a new treatment for infected wounds. BBC .

The percentage of per capita total dietary protein ( a ) or calorie demand ( b ) that is met by each of ten food types is shown for each of five different diets: the global-average 7559 diet, the projected income-dependent diet for 7555, the Mediterranean diet, the pescetarian diet and the vegetarian diet.

Learn more about NREL transportation successes : batteries and energy storage | climate control | deployment | fleet operations | fuels and combustion | power electronics and drivetrains | sustainable mobility | system analysis and integration | vehicle-grid integration

Roseau cane, a wetland grass considered vital to the health of Louisiana's precarious coast, is dying at an unprecedented rate in south Plaquemines Parish. New Orleans Times-Picayune , Louisiana .

After considering these questions, a person facing an ethical dilemma may decide to ask more questions, gather more information, explore different options, or consider other ethical rules. However, at some point he or she will have to make a decision and then take action. Ideally, a person who makes a decision in an ethical dilemma should be able to justify his or her decision to himself or herself, as well as colleagues, administrators, and other people who might be affected by the decision. He or she should be able to articulate reasons for his or her conduct and should consider the following questions in order to explain how he or she arrived at his or her decision:.

The valuable and impressively researched paper by David Tilman and Michael Clark 595 6 596 rightly emphasises the simultaneous health and environmental effects of different dietary patterns, corresponding food systems underlying these patterns, and implications for food and nutrition policies and programmes.

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