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Date: 2017-04-13 00:36

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I 8767 ve heard this discussed before, placing the connection between action and outcome more clearly will have to look into that a little more

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In defining what I believe is a critical element of crafting effective copy , I 8767 ll make my case by amending the famous quote from Animal Farm: 8775 All words are equal, but some words are more equal than others. 8776

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I 8767 ve listed these words below (along with studies related to their power) that will show you how to speak more persuasively to your audience.

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Who amongst us can resist the alluring nature of the word 8775 FREE 8776 ? Posts like this are why I love Copy Blogger. The info on here is great and has really helped me improve my writing over the years. No matter how long you 8767 ve been writing, there 8767 s always something new to learn.

You nailed it! A very good blog on the subject of writing persuasive texts.
I would like to add that these words, in combination ith the three modalities that people perceive the wworld surrounding them is even more powerful.
So like for people who think (mostly) in terms of pictures: Imaging yourself being
For those who act based upon their (gut?) feelings: You can feel yourself
For those that think in terms of words: You can hear the apraisal from your friends now that you

Thank you for making me smile in a VERY hectic week. Of course, you are right. But I write historical fiction and while ultimately I 8767 m selling a product, something in me rebels/resists using outright marketing strategies such as those outlined here.

Very true! In fact there is research on things like confidence + persuasion, and many studies point to conviction playing a HUGE role in persuasive speaking and arguments.

Research has shown that we will gladly pay more for personalization , so isn 8767 t it about time you start getting personal with your customers?

Let 8767 s break this down: Not only was the request only minimally changed, but the 8775 because 8776 (his reason) was barely a reason at all! 8775 Because I 8767 m in a rush 8776 wouldn 8767 t stand up as a good excuse for most of us, right? Isn 8767 t a majority of the working world in a rush ?

Found this really interesting. Most of them I can see how they work. For me the first one can be a complete turn off!! If my name is anywhere other than in the titles then I switch off. My Mum used to put my name in a sentence as a put down or to let me know I was in the wrong it still has the same connotation!!

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