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Date: 2017-04-13 01:50

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StayInAlive,    Be Informed provides a most valuable service for everyone on this site i don 8767 t think he 8767 s promoting himself.  

What Do You Mean “You Don’t Have a Bike”?!

Spot on Richards. Rather fight from familiar ground than unfamiliar ground. Wanna be close in on em so they can smell my breath,  feel the heat coming off  my face.

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If you have never experienced this, then you have never moved to a small town and come to understand what happens.  It takes many years to integrate and be considered 8775 welcome 8776 .  Forcing yourselves upon these people is a disaster, and it will be deadly during a shtf event.  You will lose your freedom, your land and your life. Make absolutely no mistake about it.  City dwellers / suburbanites / urban folks have absolutely no idea what they are up against.

Was the Holocaust Only Against Jews?

While I cannot address Skousen, the points raised in this article indicate that he 8767 s really out of touch with reality and understanding the people who already live in rural areas and what they fully intend to do. 

&ldquo Suicide, I&rsquo ve read since, is a triggered behavioral mechanism, like throwing up. It has to do with not feeling needed, with seeing your existence in the social hierarchy as superfluous. It is something certain animals do, evolutionarily, so that their offspring can survive on a limited food supply. All that makes sense intellectually, but, looking back on it, I still didn&rsquo t know why I even contemplated it. I had gotten signed to Wicked I&rsquo d taken the first difficult strides toward my goal I&rsquo d accomplished something by myself for once in my life. Yet I still wasn&rsquo t happy.&rdquo (Pg. 869)

Exactly Aus,Ms Feisty, listen to Aus. Yoyu are thinking for a short term event like Sandy Katrina. When SHTF switches into  phase II, you will face the search and destroy/consume by more clever resilient looters (not the helpless Zombies who will no longer be a factor).

Have any Constitutionalists or Libertarians come out advocating months of storage instead of the little that FEMA recommends?

The truly frightening part of this is that individuals like this, if they are in this country and not in Afghanistan bowing down to allah and chanting verses from the Quran, is that they interact with the public each day.  Pity the person driving next to this person that somehow obtained a driver 8767 s licence.  Pity the candidate that gets a vote from this individual.  God help the poor person that is on trial and this sub-imbecile is on the jury. 

That is a good point! I shouldn 8767 t assume that everyone automatically knows how to ride already. You can learn by just walking yourself around in a flat parking lot on one, butt on the seat, feet on the ground, going around in circles and figure eights. My son picked up bike balance like this in a single day last year. It only gets better from there.

&ldquo When we woke up on our first morning as a married couple, nothing seemed to have changed. He was shuffling his feet across the floor to the bathroom, and all I could think was, &lsquo Pick up your fucking feet, loser.&rsquo Perhaps if he had leaned over and kissed me and said, &lsquo Oh my God, you&rsquo re my wife,&rsquo I would have felt differently. But instead, he just asked, &lsquo Do you want anything from room service?&rsquo in his meek little voice. I wanted to smack him and say, &lsquo Speak up!&rsquo Bitterness was taking hold of me.&rdquo (Pg. 986)