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Date: 2017-04-13 00:49

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While cooking food one has to remain conscious for the limited supply of LPG and check its leakage to ensure a safe food preparation. If fire gives life, it is equally responsible for taking it if go uncontrolled. Few years back in Delhi a full movie auditorium caught fire and this accident took all lives present in the auditorium leaving a great pain for relatives and the society as a whole behind.

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8) the body of my essay is getting better. this is mainly due to the ROUGH WORK that is being created analyse the different dimensions of the statement of the essay. so, far it has been successful but i will be satisfied only how this strategy will work out in the next two essays.

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8) I was not interested to give an introduction by writing a story and yogi constantly told my introduction was not up to the mark. So, that made me to improvise and innovate by trying to explain by citing a daily life example.

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8) Add a little on ‘how to check these things from becoming our master ?’ ie. solutions/preventive mechanism — constant revaluation of life goals and satisfaction levels, maintaining a healthy balance btw all aspects of life, prioritise security etc etc

7) the use of daily example in the Introduction was an new experiment because , in the last two reviews you have emphasized that my introduction was not up to the mark. so this made me look for a new strategy and finally landed up in bringing the meaning of the essay by using a 8776 daily life 8776 example rather than a fictitious story.

In 9th last para, you have explained the literal meaning of fire being good servant but bad master. This explanation should have either came earlier or it could have been escaped.

Gandhi knew only fire is not enough to make india free. okk but the theme is “fire ia a good servant but a bad master”. What I can relate with ur analogy is that fire needs control, it is altogether a different interpretation not same as the given theme.

The fire of positive desire, the fire to achieve the difficult target, the fire to excel and strive for the best with full courage, conviction and dedication is what makes this inner fire a good servant. As envisaged by our beloved Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam we all are born with a divine fire within us. Our efforts must be to add wings to this fire and fill the world with the glory of its goodness.

Fire has light and energy, both vital for sustenance of life. As a plant grows well receiving sunlight for carrying out photosynthesis but the same plant gets finished on receiving extra sun light. A new born baby is being shown to sun’s rays in the early morning for the vitamin D and for a healthy baby but increased intensity of sun rays leads to tanning and skin cancer. Fire is a good servant but a bad master indeed.

Then why the fire goes out of control? Human is the ultimate resource and he use all other resources as mean to achieve it 8767 s objective and fulfill his aspiration and interest. But when, human interest are selfish and narrow, covered with greed and jealousy, internal fire of that person started to dominate human rational and logical thinking. He use same knowledge to accomplish his narrow interest which may be disturbing for others and society. And this thing i true for individual, society as well as country too.